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Shentel, officially Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, is a publicly traded telecommunications company headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia. It operates a digital wireless and wireline network in rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.Shentel operates its wireless division as a T-Mobile (formerly Sprint) affiliate, serving 1,006,874 subscribers.


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Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Expect too much out of new hires. Offer no help, or assistance for 5 day training, over 2 hours away from location. Awful company. Would never ever work here again.Can't say as there were any.Literally, everything."

Sprint Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Where to start?... You're not gonna get paid well. I was constantly contacting payroll over errors in my checks. They don't take college degrees into consideration when determining your pay. I was also told that I was going to be making about 10k more per year than i actually did. The company has a blanket quota, meaning that you have to hit the same quota as every other employee, company wide, regardless of traffic or employees at the store. Then they have a lot of hidden stipulations that prevent you from reaching multipliers, or even quota. The managers don't have college degrees and are promoted within. This means they have no idea how to truly manage people. Mine constantly would disregard employee concerns and cause extra work for us, just to watch us jump through hoops. Upper management is ALWAYS on the managers side and will typically not even respond to sales reps about concerns. The large majority of customers are the worst people I've ever had the misfortune of dealing get cheap accessoriesthat place was miserable"

Technical Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"Do you job and hope that no one takes a dislike to you because if you do it will not matter how good you area at your job you will be targeted and watched like a hawk until you make enough minor errors for them to justify dropping you for some other new hire with 2 kids who can only work 4 hours a weekdiscounted serviceno professionalism"

service (Former Employee) says

"I was given 30 days of training in 3 days . One manager from another department yelled constantly once it was for moving a chair and once because I did not have a key to company gate that i had no control over. ( how could a company have a manager like this) It was just a real circus here. When you are interviewed they explain they have benefits and they sure do they just are not affordable. No way a single parent can afford insurance. Only enjoyable part was trying to help customers. If you are out of work and are considering interviewing here dont . You are much better than this ."

Retail Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Since the purchase it has been nothing but chaos, they dont seem to mean what they say to customers. The employees that work for shentel are not friendly. Upper management completely sucks and they are irrational. Management does not hire from within so do not expect to advance in the company. Management are not great problem solvers or know how to handle any type of pressure. If your store is understaff do not expect any help from management, THEY WILL LEAVE YOU OUT TO DRY. The company did not do anything to give ntelos employees the same pay that we were use to. quotas arent made known most of the time. There is no open door policy."

Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"Shentel is a fun place to work and had a great time working there. However, the management is very bad. The management is biased on male employees. If any females have a problem with you. you will be fired."

IT Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst place i ever worked for. Management liked to gossip your business to other employees very strict on everything. Was told i would have time with my family i was traveling every day and was gone over weekends.the environment was not very welcoming at all and people from waynesboro did not like people from Edinburg.would not work herePay was okInsurance expensive, management was poor, people not friendly"

Support (Former Employee) says

"Executive Management has no appreciation for the employees of the company. There is no integrity. They will talk out of both sides of their mouth. Focus is always about money! Not the employees and not the customers! When ideas and solutions are offered to help the company save money and increase profits, they are dismissed under the guise of "well, we are going in a different direction." I will applaud them on their Work/Life balance and the understanding they express in difficult situations. And a great advantage for full time employees and the cell phone discount you can receive. Other than that, I would highly recommend not working for this company. There are some very questionable (possibly ethical) things going on in terms of how they provide assistance to benefit plans. The culture is out dated and going backwards fast. They want to hire good people with experience and knowledge in the areas where they are weak, but they refuse to listen to that experience and make necessary strides to grow as a Management and as a company. Best of luck."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management takes sales from employees they give them the employees they favor more when they get in trouble they retaliate and antagonize employees and make their lives a living heck... yes this is exactly what happened to me most awful people I've ever worked for. And an I'm an army veteran with 10 years of management experience... I know how it should be... That ain't itNothingEverything"

Office Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Hourly employees are treated terrible, extremely hard to advance your career, managers don't care about their team only themselves, departments can't work together. For a " communication" company, their communication is lacking.Benefitspay, lack of advancement opprotunities, no degree - don't apply"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has changed over the years. Used to be great place to work. Has now grown to a big corporation. Employees are just a number. Anyone can be replaced at anytime. It is more of a who you know than what you do. Being in the middle is the worst. You are directed by upper but when the hourly employees complain, you take the fall. There are some great people there and most of them would like to find something else. Where they are located makes that extremely hard unless you want to move.Benefits are very good. Salary is good for most.Emotional based Company - not on work ethic"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I worked Technical Support for 2 years 11 months. They now require their Technical Support Representatives to get 10 Sales a month or face termination.Good PayBad business ethnic"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"This is pretty much a normal customer service job however the company itself is subpar in both it's products and it's services. Typical day consists of taking customer calls for billing questions,setting up new service and taking payments. The problem I have with Shentel starting off with training is that they don't teach you what you will really need in doing your job efficiently and provide you with the tools needed to do the job properly. The systems are slow and outdated the whole process could be so much easier however when setting up new services it's a time consuming process on the ancient systems that require you to "BUMP" orders to a specific department and if something is done incorrectly expect a scathing E-mail the next day from a supervisor in a different department regardless if you are new to the job or not. Expect your hands to be tied not only by the systems but the installation process is also a joke because if the installer can't locate the address expect no updates and he will probably give up and you will lose commission and they also do not keep customers updated on timeframes if specific tasks need to be done prior to install "ie Bury cables etc". Also expect to be flooded with calls after 6pm when virtually everybody is gone due to the Robo calls to customers that are automated letting customers know the bills are past due and services may be disconnected. Not to mention the services they provide, Cable,Internet are horrible and everybody I have been in contact with hates them but because they are on the outskirts of the city and are not in a Comcast,Decent schedule, CommissionHorrible systems, terrible company all around"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"the Regional was very intrusive when she called and it made things very awkward, and it’s work so you don’t want to be interpersonal but the job in itself was and you had to act professional about things that were said out of line and unneeded towards your store or to a direct person at your store with almost every other Shentel employee in your region listening on phone conferences.. Good experience but really awkward experience. Didn’t stay long, nor did my manager, or the assistant, and my other sales associate. (Side note: the training was very strange and usually far away.)"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"This place was one of the worst companies I've ever worked for. The benefits were awesome but that's it. Nothing but back stabbing and gossiping. It was all played on favorites as to who would get the promotion. False promises of job advancements. Unequal job oppurtunities. It's was ok for you as the assistant manager to do all the work and never get credit for it. The store manager would get praised. Oh and even better it was ok for you to be an acting store manager over and over again but not good enough to hold the actual title. That company is a joke when it comes to hiring outside management. Good luck Shentel!!!"

Purchasing (Current Employee) says

"Women seem to have a difficult time advancing on the corporate ladder. Some even with education. Good reviews appear to written by HR to get outside applicants. The leadership of the company has never been so out of touch with their employees or customers. Would not recommend to anyone wanting to excel or make a lifelong career."

Misc. (Former Employee) says

"If you aren't from Shenandoah County and don't have certain educational backgrounds from very particular schools, it's hard to break in and advance. There are next to no initiatives to grow employees. Individuals who have been with the company for decades don't offer to mentor or work with new arrivals, and at times, can even be adversarial if that background is not what they deem appropriate (i.e. shen. county/education). Some meetings I was in were unnecessarily contentious and some elements of leadership could, at times, be demeaning. There are truly good people that work there and even some really good people who are in leadership roles. But unfortunately, there are others who set a negative tone."

IT (Former Employee) says

"The job was good when I first started working there but then it got worse. The nice 8-5 hours started to turn into you had to stay over later or work from home with no compensation. In my position there was only two of us to do a three person job. Some departments could care less about families and only care about work. The CEO may want to look into how some employees get treated if you complain or have problems it does no good, its a you scratch my back I scratch your back place.Hour lunch when you wanted and good payTo many to mention"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Shentel is a negative and a gossipy place to work. There is a lot of horizontal violence and no promises to advance. They do not promote from within."

Network Technician (Former Employee) says

"expect you to do stuff that you've never been trained for, the pay was good and the hours were good but not enough training to succeed and live up to their standards"

Consumer says

"The first day of shentel internet was good, then it crashed, 1st day speed 300-400 mbps, every next day, 10-30 mbps, it sucks, the customer service has no idea what is wrong with the internet, they say the dumb same excuses, you’re using up too much data, on an endless plan, or that there’s a storm in the area, we have landline, and they don’t fix it even weeks or even months later, half of my internet service won’t let me use it, it just says “unable to connect to server,” that’s been like that ever since 2021 started, so it sucks."